ASE leadership week


Every year, we welcome a new cohort of excited African School for Excellence Grade 7 scholars with a Leadership Week that sets the groundwork for their next six years at the school. Take a peek into what occurs during this orientation.

By Yvonne Dlamini, Academic Advisor for Grade 8 Mathematics & Science

Grade 7 Leadership Week

The ASE family is growing and things around school are getting more and more exciting. 109 vibrant Grade 7 scholars joined us this year eager to learn. School opened on the 12th of January 2015 and the scholars were immediately thrown into the swing of things, writing pre-assessments exams in both Mathematics and English. The following day, they were introduced to a leadership program with an overarching goal of developing an attitude and mindset for success. During this leadership program, these young scholars received introductory trainings in areas of basic presentation, project management, and interpersonal skills.

All activities during Leadership Week were structured in such a way to make scholars feel comfortable and welcomed. Scholars were immediately introduced to the ASE values of Excellence, Humility, Integrity, Accountability, and Resilience. Role-playing was used to help the scholars internalise these values and begin the process of implementing them into their own lives both at home and at school. The ASE values serve as a foundation for the culture that is created at the school and it is vitally important for each scholar to understand these and make them a part of who they are.